Our team it's scientists from the Institute of Geography and Archaeology RAS, educational institutions and commercial organizations. Young professionals and internationally recognized scientists.

Our team

Expedition group
Laboratory and analytical group
Scientific and methodological support Organizations

Expedition group

А.Л. Чепалыга Andrey L. Chepalyga

Doctor, Leader researcher of Institute Geography RAS.

Head of team.

Andrey N. Pirogov

Racurs Company. Digital Phtogrammetry, GIS, RSD. See profile at: Linkedin.

Nikita V. Lavrentiev

Reseacher, Institute of Geography RAS

Idris A. Idrisov

Reseacher, Institute of Geology Dagestan Scientific Center of RAS

Laboratory and analytical group

Tamara A. Sadchikova

Researcher, Institute of Geology RAS

Anastasia K. Markova

Researcher, Institute of Geography RAS

Marina V. Khlopkova

Researcher, Dagestan Scientific Center RAS

Svetlana A. Sycheva

Researcher, Institute of Geology RAS

Valeriy M. Trubikhin

Researcher, Institute of Geology RAS

Scientific and methodological support

These modern scholars have made significant contributions to the development of our research.

Andrey V. Panin — Moscow State University

Alex Yu. Sidorchuk — Moscow State University

Tamara A. Yanina — Moscow State University

Alexander A. Svitoch — Moscow State University

Ekaterina N. Badyukova — Moscow State University

Pavel M. Dolukhanov (1.01.1937 — 6.12.2009) — Newcastle University (UK)

Amirkhanov A. Khizri — Institute of Archaeology RAS

Alexander N. Bessudnov — Lipetsk Pedagogical University (Russia)

Olga N. Demina — South Federal University (Russia)

William Ryan and Walter Pitman — Columbia University (USA)


Institute of Geography RAS

Institute of Archaeology RAS

Institute of Geology RAS

Moscow State University

Avalon Institute of Applied Science (Canada)

Rostov State National Park (reservation) (Russia)

Lipetsk Pedagogical University (Russia)