Our investigations are interdisciplinary and relate paleohydrologic events with the evolution of ancient man.

Timetable of investigations: 20 000–10 000 BP.

Area of investigations: Ponto-Caspian bassin.

Obtained data are clustered in themes of research:

Paleohydrological reconstruction of Manych-Kerch spillway

Scope of this study is reconstruction of water exchange in region between Black Sea and ancient Caspian Sea: along the Manych valley during Late Pleistocene. Manych Valley Ч the most eastward link of lack Sea Ч Mediterranean Sea Corridor.

Epoch of Extremal Inundation

During the Last Pleistocene Glacial Ponto-Caspian basins lost the connection with ocean and transformed into isolated brackish and demifreshwater basins. In time of Last Glacial deglatiation (17-10 Ka BP) territory of NW Eurasia effected by events of Epoch of Extremal Inundations (EEI) peak of which (17-15 Ka)

Great Flood

The work has been aimed at the search for events which are not unlike in dimensions and age to the NoahТs Deluge retained in human memory. Long-term field investigations and laboratory works in the Black Sea Ц Caspian region and its drainage basin within Eastern Europe provided a factual basis for the work.