The Mediterranean, Black, Azov and Caspian seas represent a system of vast intracontinental water basins stretching by more than 6 thousand kilometers from the North Atlantic Ocean to the deserts of the Middle Asia. These presently semi-isolated and isolated water bodies differ from each other by their natural peculiarities. The seas are remnants of the united basin of Paratethys which existed in the Late Palaeogen and Early Neogen.

Dynamic palaeogeographic history of the Mediterranean and Ponto-Caspian basins was intimately connected with the geological structure of this area which was formed in the Early Jurassic. In the prolonged and varied history of the basins, the last, Pleistocene period is of vital importance. During this short geologic period, the basins acquired the present features, unique coasts landscapes and was served as a cradle for civilization.

The Paleogeo is a team of researchers the Quaternary paleogeography of the Ponto-Caspian region. On the base of archaeological data we research the influence of the paleogeographic events on the ancient human life.

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